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Why the healthcare sector needs digital transformation - right now

Digital transformation is changing the face of the UK healthcare system as we currently know it – and it’s happening on an unprecedented scale.

Why your healthcare mailroom is the key to improving patient services and reducing costs

Mailrooms across all sectors have undergone significant transformation over the years, and healthcare is no exception.

Gone are the days when mailrooms were perceived as rooms packed with mountains of paper, piles of envelopes and stacked floor-to-ceiling with machinery. Today’s mailrooms are fast becoming the physical and digital hub of many organisations’ communications.

Digital healthcare: Top three reasons why the race to become digital is on

Digital technology can create savings in the NHS in England of up to £13.7 billion a year by 2020, according to Tim Kelsey, former National Information Director and Chair of the National Information Board.

Ten questions every organisation should ask before outsourcing

Managing risk is a critical success factor irrespective of your organisation type or the sector in which you operate.

Regardless of its importance, there’s no set rule to effectively managing risk. Some business leaders prefer to manage it by keeping as many of their functions in-house, while others turn to outsourcing to help ease the burden.

Three signs your mail inserting system is designed for operational excellence

Are you under pressure to send a high volume of mail every day without compromising on accuracy?

Being able to maintain the same level of accuracy while delivering your operations quickly is a common challenge and one that brings with it major repercussions.

What is operational excellence (and why should I care)?

Operational excellence means different things to different organisations. For some, it’s about lower operating costs and reduced inventories while for others; it involves increased efficiency and better quality.

Four best practice tips for creating a culture of integrity

Maintaining regulatory compliance is an on-going challenge that all organisations have a legal duty to stay on top of. However, with regular changes to existing legislation and the implementation of new regulations, it can be easier said than done.

The dos and don’ts of protecting your data against privacy risks

Data security breaches are playing an increasingly important role within today’s forward-thinking organisations, not just because the financial impact is on the rise, but so is the threat of privacy risks.

Digital transformation: How to get the best ROI post-cloud migration

Your organisation may have successfully migrated to the cloud. But what’s the next phase in getting the best possible results from your on-going digital transformation?

Data security: Want to protect your data? You need to get physical

It’s a stark fact, but organisations of all sizes are at risk of having their data compromised at some point.